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Feeling down or anxious after the birth of a child – the “baby blues” – is common. Sometimes these feelings get pretty bad. The low mood doesn't go away, can also include anxiety and can get intense. This is postpartum depression (PPD), and affects at least 1 woman in every 8 after the birth of a child. Rarely, women also develop psychosis in the postpartum period. The goal of this research study is to understand more about the genetic basis of postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis. If we do this, we will learn a lot about the reasons why some women get postpartum depression or psychosis and other women do not. This knowledge will help us figure out the causes and develop new treatments. We hope that we can one day prevent postpartum disorders from happening in the first place. We are university-based clinicians and scientists dedicated to studying postpartum depression and psychosis. We need your help for this new and exciting project. We want to make the time to discovery for new treatments as short as possible.


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  • Meh

    By ESlike711
    Was all for doing this because it seems like a great idea. That is until my phone number was required. Like I don't get enough telemarketers. Also don't like the idea of sending my DNA through the mail to someone I don't know. Not a huge selling point for me.
  • Can not open app

    By Owlet4u2nv
    Continually crashes. App will not open at all. Hard to help out a study if the app won't even open.
  • Easy and Important!

    By MHWagBird21
    Very easy to participate in this study. Thankful for the research!
  • Finally... This study is WAY overdue!

    By Mom of triples!
    Very quick and simple survey. Thanks for bringing light to the importance of understanding PPD! I hope every mom takes this survey. ❤️
  • Simple, straightforward

    By cowankelly
    Worked great. Easy to navigate. Plenty of additional details are offered if you are interested but the main questions are kept to the basics. Good job!