Sweat: Kayla Itsines Fitness

Sweat: Kayla Itsines Fitness

By The Bikini Body Training Company Pty Ltd

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Sweat with the Kayla Itsines BBG Program and join the world’s biggest female fitness community and fast track your journey to Bikini Body Confidence today! Join now and enjoy 7 days of fitness training for free! Together, Kayla Itsines, Sjana Elise Earp and Kelsey Wells join Sweat’s mission of helping women live their best life through health and fitness. This means giving women the confidence, strength and happiness they need to achieve their goals. Sweat is the go-to place for women’s health and fitness, now hosting multiple trainers and programs: • Kayla Itsines’ BBG program includes high-intensity plyometric training using minimal space & equipment. Kayla has also developed BBG Stronger, a new weights-based program for gym goers.. • Sjana Elise Earp’s Yoga program includes vinyasa-style resistance flows and yin-based recovery flows to improve strength, flexibility and posture. • Kelsey Wells’ post-pregnancy program includes resistance workouts designed to increase core strength and improve posture for new mums. The goal isn’t weight loss, it’s to make women around the world be happy in their own bodies and be bikini body confident. Feel comfortable in your own skin with fitness training and coaching from Kayla Itsines! Fitness & Workouts • Get your fitness back on track in just 28 minutes each day! • No gym required. Get your female fitness workouts completed from the comfort of your own home, from cardio to resistance training Nutrition • Professional nutrition and coaching. Choose from daily meal plans and menus including recipes that you can customize for standard, vegetarian, pescetarian, lacto-vegetarian, ovo-vegetarian and vegan eating preferences Motivation • Compare weekly progress pictures side-by-side privately, or share them with friends and BBG Community and stay accountable • Over 300 pages of educational content to expand your knowledge on fitness, nutrition, weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle • Compete with other women in global female fitness challenges and compete with your friends and share your results with the BBG Community • Available in 8 languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Chinese (Simplified)) Sweat has Apple’s HealthKit integrated. The app will provide heart rate, calories and step counting metrics for all exercise and workouts.** Metrics tracked and available to the user are dependent on device model. • Complete your entire workout from your watch with no need for your phone. • See your metrics throughout your workout and push yourself to the limit • Taptic and audio notifications to keep you motivated. • Easily track your workouts using the Apple Watch Activity Ring. • Have the freedom to jump between workouts on your phone and watch. Enjoy beginner fitness workouts from the comfort of your lounge room or exercise with advanced workouts in the gym. Never lose sight- you’ll always be supported by a rapidly growing, global community of bikini body confident women while you sweat! Take control of your health and fitness and download Sweat today! SUBSCRIPTION PRICING & TERMS Sweat is free to download. All customers are welcome to a free 7-day trial period. Should you choose to continue use of the Sweat app, we offer a single auto-renewing subscription option: Just USD $4.61/week ($19.99/month) Payment will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription renews automatically unless cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription period. There is no increase in price when renewing. Subscriptions can be managed and auto-renewal turned off in Account Settings in iTunes after purchase. Once purchased, refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. Read our full Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy at http://www.kaylaitsines.com/pages/terms-and-conditions


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App Reviews

  • So doable

    By Lauren E.D.
    As a new Mom i love these quick workouts. I HATE working out and Kayla makes these workouts go quick and make it fun by switching up the workouts routines. I love that as the weeks go on they get progressively harder (but doable!) and the music playlists on the app make it fun.
  • Monday?! Why???

    By LouLew79
    This app would be a 5-Star for me if you could chose another day to start other than Monday. Please, please, please give more options.
  • Great app!

    By Lockhach
    This app is great. The GIFs show exactly how to do each exercise. Easy to follow and kicking my butt into shape!

    By Sellison93
    I assumed there would be a free portion of this where you could access parts of the app. NOPE. Asks you to sign up for a subscription immediately. This shouldn’t be listed as a “free” app. What a scam.
  • Great program, super buggy app

    By Spleenie
    I love the workouts and the entire BBG program. But the app is really just so buggy that it gets annoying. Issues I’ve been facing: 1. Sync to calendar option does not work at all. It doesn’t do anything whether I turn it on or off and I’ve already granted the app access to my calendar 2. Completed workouts using the app does not sync into the Apple Health app at all. It synced just 1 LISS workout for me back around early Jan then all other workouts are not logged. Kind of disappointing as I like to see the accumulated completed workouts as they give me a sense of achievement. 3. Apple Watch app is totally unusable. Every time I launch it, it takes 5-10mins just to connect to the app on the phone. Sometimes it doesn’t even connect at all and I’d rather give up on it than spend my time at the gym fiddling with the watch. 4. The calendar in the app is super buggy. When I switched to a different week in my program on a Sunday for the following week, all the workouts I’ve completed in that week became messed up. It even added COMPLETED workouts to the following week even though I haven’t done them yet. This is extra annoying since I can’t track my workouts accurately via the Health app either as described in problem 2 above. 5. There should be a way to add completed workouts for past days. For example if I did not get to workout the previous day, I would like to be able to log it in as a rest day, but I can’t do that now because adding events on past days is disabled. Hopefully all these bugs can be looked into and resolved. After all, if we’re paying a subscription for it every month, we’d of course prefer to be paying for something that works. I’m still going to continue with the program since the discipline is more important than tracking. But being able to track accurately would make it easier for me to stay disciplined.
  • Very user friendly

    By Lori11955
    I have the PDF version from a few years ago and decided to try the app. recently. I have to say that I'm quite impressed with the app. It helps me stay more focused, accountable, and goal oriented. It's also much easier having everything in one place. I don't have to flip through papers anymore! I'll definitely continue using the app. Update: I still love the workouts, but the timer is freezes. I’ll be working out and finally look at the timer when I’m about ready to collapse and realize it hasn’t moved past 2 minutes. This has happened with every version and as I’ve updated my iPhones.
  • SCAM

    By AppleMom84
    Don’t fall for the lifetime purchase or any other discounts. Kayla and her team are aware of these scams yet don’t address them because every time someone falls for them and Apple ends up charging monthly, she gets profit. Not a company I will be supporting.
  • LOVE

    By Symphee909
    Love this I've lost so much weight it’s hard but it’s worth it!! BUY IT YOU WONT REGRET IT
  • Love the workouts hate the bugs

    By melm413
    I really like the workouts on this app but the bugs drive me insane. I’m not sure why they haven’t been fixed yet. The first bug is when you start a LISS session it doesn’t always start counting down so if you open up the app midway through a run it might start the 35 minute countdown then. Also it seems to be marking my workouts as complete on the wrong day and there’s no ability to edit them to put them on the day that they were actually completed.
  • The opposite of useful. Zero stars.

    By 中ケイ
    The app isn’t all that helpful. It doesn’t allow you to log workouts that you do on a treadmill. I have no idea how to use this and I’m pretty tech/app savvy. I wish the app had true cardio workouts instead of just intervals... I would also like to be able to choose workouts with or without equipment. Overall, I hate this.