Art of Conquest (AoC)

Art of Conquest (AoC)

By Lilith Games

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-06-06
  • Current Version: 1.16.14
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 465.10 MB
  • Developer: Lilith Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4/5 ( 2,934 App Reviews)
  • Price:
Art of Conquest (AoC) App Ratings: 4
Based on 2,934 App Reviews

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●●● Featured Globally by App Store●●● ◆ "This new strategy game gives you full control in a world full of dwarves, magic, and monsters. It’s the perfect marriage of MMO and strategy" - PocketGamer ◆ "Art of Conquest could very well be the mobile game fantasy and strategy fans have been waiting for " - App Spy ◆ "Players take full control of the battle. Art of Conquest is a breath of fresh air in the world of base-building strategy games"- 148Apps ◆ "The mobile RTS I never knew I wanted to play"- HaoGamers ◆ "A fascinating mix of many disparate genres all mixed into one title"- TouchArcade ◆ "A genre hybrid that blends RPG, RTS and MMO together to create something special" - DVS Gaming ◆"AoC reminds me of strategy games I played as a kid, but with much better gameplay and perfect for the mobile platform"- Kripparrian, Twitch & Youtube Content Creator -------------------------------------------------------- Explore a huge magical world! Besiege enemy strongholds to expand your kingdom, slay nefarious dragons with a band of legendary heroes, and challenge players around the world to epic real-time battles! FEATURES ● CHALLENGE your friends to thrilling real-time duels ● COMMAND hundreds of individual troops on a single - breathtaking field of battle ● SUMMON dozens of mythical heroes, each endowed with powerful abilities ● CHOOSE from five mighty races to raise your army ● BUILD your stronghold and besiege the enemy ● SIX embittered kingdoms strive to survive ● EXPLORE the beautiful, hand-crafted world of Nore ● DEFEAT evil bosses and loot unfathomable rewards Automatic Subscription Renewal in Art of Conquest • Subscription content: When you purchase an in-game subscription, you will gain access to the following subscription rewards: 1. Building Queue Limit +2 2. Upgrade Queue Limit +2 3. Free Rush +10 minutes 4. Shield Time +2 hours • Subscription period: 1 month (monthly subscription) • Subscription price: $1.99/month • Payment: The user’s iTunes account will be charged upon confirmation of payment. • Cancellation: To cancel a subscription, on your device please go to Settings - iTunes & App Stores - Apple ID - View Apple ID - Subscriptions and turn off automatic renewal at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. • Renewal: Your iTunes account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours before the current period ends. Once the payment is processed, your in-game subscription will be extended for another month. • Privacy Policy: • Automatic Subscription Renewal service agreement: Facebook: Twitter: Official Website:


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App Reviews

  • I dont even feel like giving it one star but have to.

    By David4647
    Well with first thing. Mostly chinese in this games from china. Mostly doesn't speak english. Second those guys buy resources from third party which should ban the player but you guys don't do that, which i dont understand why? You rather let player cheat on foreigners and make foreigners waste their money and your country people get things with easy and cheap money? Isn’t that fraud? I like the translation part where we can understand each other but chinese people mostly say we do not understand. And i am in hyral for now probably will move. Because of hyral top players who should be helping the newbies telling them the tactics and ways of becoming powerful but they don’t help at all? What is the point of making house and adding people into if you don’t even help each other ? Only chinese help chinese what the hell is that? Racism? Really? If you have a question about things they don’t answer very rare people will answer. When they need help for void or any attack they push u to do so otherwise when we foreigners do then it doesn't matter ? Your rotation for heros are terrible in the shop to purchase. Resources are less and cost of training is high and the gold, silver troops training and healing time is sooooooooo long come on here people are attacking your castle and your army is taking hours and hours to heal? Is that fair? Even buying time with linaris is not enough, it seems like you want us to keep feeling your pockets and purchase linaris? Your hero purchase rate is fine but the resources with it sooooooo lame move 2k only? Its better don't feel pity don’t even give. 200 linaris for 10k wood, elixir, gold are you serious? That is too expensive, you need to lower the linari cost. Its too high. Please do something about making this game playable with all over the world people not just selfish people like i have experienced in hyral. If you allow us to buy from third party why not Allow all??? Hope you come up with some difference. And this teply you guys give lame as hell. You guys do not treat each player the same. They are scamming the game by letting other people hit their castle for resources and yet this is equal? You say i should report players but how? Wheres is report option? Lyin sack or stupid owner of this game. You chinese are racists. After this month i will stop playing coz of cheating player. You guys should check all top players in this game always wayyyyy ahead of everyone else. Because they cheat. In last event one person of hyral is on 6000 points and the second guys is 2000 how? When you guys dont sell potion bottles lets say he had 100 200 safe but loook at the difference ? Stop lying to people developers i will go complain apple store about your cheating game.
  • Bugs bugs bugs

    By nzhehaidbe
    Still lot of bugs, if I win the fight and my app close before i take “reward” it steal my energy and give no victory. People with 2* higher AP are crushing me in duels, even I have white flag on that I cannot do any duels, they keep spam me with duels and I waste tons of energy. Pvp is just about hero spells, one aoe can basically ruin half of your army and freeze for 10 minutes For now it is only 1*, maybe increase number in future.
  • No support

    By ddsknepper
    I ran into some problems and tried to contact support. 7 days later and NO response at all. They obviously don’t care about why play. I recommend finding a different game
  • Could be better

    By AT ZebraCakes
    I love this game but there are a few things that need to be fixed. There are way to many servers so each server only has a handful of active players in each kingdom. Also the only way to get more than the couple of heroes from starting and ranking up is to pay with real money so the credit card warriors are always going to be the strongest players no matter what. There is no balance. I love this game but it is a pay to win which I hate. What if we could buy other heroes for linari and maybe we could earn a minuscule amount of linari a day by watching ads or something so the company would still get paid?
  • Updating my review...

    By Juan14_14
    This game has improved a lot and suggestions are heard by the devs! This is incredible since I never saw a game that they listen to suggestions. Their support system is really helpful and respond in 1-2 days which is fast considering the amount of players in the game. I send my thanks to the support team. After the server merge the servers were revived and chaos and fun begun. I don’t have any complaints about it and thanks for merging the server. One problem I have encountered is Jaques. All players will agree that Jaques is overpowered. No other hero comes close to matching his power. Add a nerf please. Battles are now decided by if the opponent has Jaques or not. Its insane that a hero can destroy 3 squadrons of gold units!!! Please nerf it. Its not fun at all seeing your opponent use Jaques and having no way to counter him. Please please nerf him or add a counter. Overall this game is awesome and love it. Keep up the good work.
  • Game needs some fixing

    By Fairytale67
    I love the game but can someone please fix the bug where I can’t go any farther because I can collect a guy in the green circle so I can pass him and do the main quest
  • Arts of conquest

    By Beech0402
    Best game I have ever played!!
  • Could use a few changes

    By Daring Bus 15
    This game is great. The only thing is that the whole game is made for male players, not female players. If you get to be a duke you can’t change it to duchess, if you’re a count you can’t be a countess. There’s a great number of female players which is why I dislike that. Also, in the past I could get a hero for $10, but now I have to pay $50 or $100 just for a new hero? That’s way too overpriced!
  • Scammed of linari from shop

    By XtrmSword
    I was scrolling through game shop looking for Mithril, then something happened and I bought chest of bloodstone, please remove it from my inventory and give me back my linari i would rate this higher otherwise send message back ASAP
  • Fun game, bad developers

    By Andyetyh
    The core game is pretty fun, especially with a good group of people. However, the developers are making a bunch of decisions that will drive away players. First and foremost is players buying and selling resources for real money. Apparently this is against they rules (RMT is in just about every game I’ve played) but the developers are turning a blind eye since many of their big spenders do it. It is very hard for the legit players to keep up or have fun. Second is a bunch of mind boggling balance changes. First was the ability to have your entire kingdom revenge a guy if he hit you for a whole week - that’s absurd, and they toned it back a little at least. Second was the guard towers, which are essentially vending machines for the whales and lets them hold cities with zero players with them. The list could go on and on. What makes these changes even worse is the utter lack of communication before they are implemented. But like I said, it’s a fun game, in spite of a bunch of developers who seem to not care about the players. Just know what you are getting yourself into.