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  • Release Date: 2011-08-30
  • Current Version: 4.0.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Developer: musictheory.net
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.2 or later.
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    5/5 ( 621 App Reviews)
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Tenuto App Ratings: 5
Based on 621 App Reviews

Tenuto App Details

Tenuto is a collection of 24 highly-customizable exercises designed to enhance your musicality. From recognizing chords on a keyboard to identifying intervals by ear, it has an exercise for you. Tenuto also includes six musical calculators for accidentals, intervals, scales, chords, analysis symbols, and twelve-tone matrices. A short description of the exercises and calculators follows. For a full list of all available customizations, visit the "Developer Website" link on this page or open http://tenuto.link/features/ in your web browser. –––––– • Note Identification • Key Signature Identification • Interval Identification • Scale Identification • Chord Identification Tap the button corresponding to the written staff line. For example: if shown a C, E, and G with a sharp; tap the "Augmented Triad" button. –––––– • Note Construction • Key Signature Construction • Interval Construction • Scale Construction • Chord Construction Construct the specified label by moving notes and/or adding accidentals. For example: if shown a C and an "Augmented 4th" label, move the second note to F and add a sharp. –––––– • Keyboard Reverse Identification Tap the piano key corresponding to the written note on the staff. While similar to Note Identification, this exercise uses a piano keyboard rather than note name buttons. • Keyboard Note Identification • Keyboard Interval Identification • Keyboard Scale Identification • Keyboard Chord Identification Tap the button corresponding to the highlighted piano key(s). If the C and G keys are highlighted, tap the "P5" (Perfect 5th) button. –––––– • Fretboard Note Identification • Fretboard Interval Identification • Fretboard Scale Identification • Fretboard Chord Identification Tap the button corresponding to the marked fretboard position(s). If the 2nd fret of the D string is marked, tap the "E" button. –––––– • Keyboard Ear Training • Note Ear Training Listen to the played reference and question notes. Select the piano key or note button corresponding to the question note. • Interval Ear Training • Scale Ear Training • Chord Ear Training Tap the button corresponding to the played notes. If E and F are played, tap the "Minor 2nd" button. –––––– • Accidental Calculator Display the accidental for a note and key. • Interval Calculator Display the interval for a note, type, and key. • Chord Calculator Display the scale for a tonic and scale type. • Chord Calculator Display the chord for a note, type, and key. • Analysis Calculator Display the chord for a symbol and key. • Matrix Calculator Display the twelve-tone matrix for a specified tone row.


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App Reviews

  • dear drummers

    By doormang
    As a person who plays the drums, I don’t really get to train my ears or read notes in terms of scales, chords and so on. This app is a perfect little tool to help my eyes and ears become more familiar with, recognizing, and understanding different sounds besides what the drums can produce. The app is simple and clean, easy to use and you can customize many things in it.
  • Music Majors Best Friend

    By Eliott Player
    This app has been absolutely phenomenal for me especially as a music major! Whenever I was having trouble identifying an interval or chord, I could literally get on the app and drill myself over and over until I callus hear the difference and it has made me a better musician!!
  • The Best Theory App our there

    By WhentheMusic'sOver26
    I’ve been a follower of music theory.net since my early music school days. When I found out about the Tenuto app I was skeptical but it has been improved very well over the years and has improved into one of the best theory resources out there that won’t financially break your pocket at all. Whether your a beginner in theory or even a college music student looking to improve your ear training this app will help. There’s a lot of freedom in how you can customize the exercises which allows a certain flexibility in the amount of time practicing and the level of difficulty you want to accomplish. I recommend this app to many of my beginner students I teach that struggle with note reading. For the some that are more tactile, they seem to like the whole app experience while also being able to work on their theory skills. Whether they actually use this to their advantage or not, it is a plentiful resource and sure surpasses the boring flash card days I grew up learning with. Notes in all clefs, scales, key signatures. It’s all useful and especially the calculator portions to those who are approaching composition/analysis aspects of theory.
  • Amazing App and Crazy Helpful

    By Joh11157
    The functionality of this app could not be any better. From learning to mastering notes this app will do everything you need it to and more. So helpful! I could not have spent my money in a better way!
  • Helpful and non-irritating

    By bluemusicnut
    The sound quality is. Better than the free ear apps. There is enough time to recognize the intervals. Could you please please include a section for chord progressions?
  • Best I Have Seen Yet

    By SaymanTheFirst
    Combines a lot of training tools, and highly customizable. Easy interface as well. I haven’t found another music training app with this many tools. Worth every penny.
  • A musician’s best friend:

    By User98236
    By far, the single most helpful music training app I’ve ever used. Not only does the app itself run smoothly, but it provides an important variety of exercises to work on. As someone working on ear training predominantly, I would love to see more options in the fields of absolute pitch. More specifically, I would love to have access to other exercises beyond just identifying a single note; specifically chords and scales by note name. (“What chord/scale is this?” In terms of both quality and note name, perhaps more than just identifying the root by ear too.) Regardless, this app has been very helpful for me as a musician, and I hope to continue using it for years to come.
  • Theory exercises

    By Singing CPed
    Entertaining and educational. Excellent learning and skill training tool.
  • Fantastic

    By Jfudmdnvif
    Frequent updates, fully configurable, quality sounds. The best ear training app available.
  • Awesome for any musician

    By Loopyking
    My experience with Tenuto has been great. As a guitar player (also working an 8-5) having the opportunity to train my ears while I'm away from the axe has proven invaluable in my overall improvement as a musician. The app is incredibly user-friendly and customizable. Keep up the great work guys!